Setting-Up a Childminding Business

Limerick Childcare Committee, provides an information and support service to Childminders and those interested in Setting-Up a Childminding Business. This service is delivered on a geographic basis by one of our Childcare Development Officers.

East Limerick Rosie Moor
West Limerick Catriona Sheehy
Limerick City Marie Therese Marry

The Childcare Development Officer will provide relevant information to you by phone, email or in a face to face meeting.

Phone and Email Consultations provide general set-up information, that is an overview of the Registration/Notification Process, Insurance Requirements, Garda Vetting and information on Qualifications and Training Opportunities.

Face to Face Meetings – when meeting with those interested in setting-up a Childminding Business, we provide an Information Pack – ‘A Step by Step Guide to becoming a Professional Childminder’. This pack includes:

  • Childminding – First Steps’: This booklet contains information on skills, roles & responsibilities of a Childminder, legal aspects of Childminding, commonly asked questions.
  • National Guidelines for Childminders
  • Voluntary Notification Form
  • Childminding – Next Steps’: This book contains information on developing policies & procedures, appropriate record keeping, garda vetting, health & safety awareness, etc. Templates for Record Keeping and Policies & Procedures.
  • Financial Management – Registering your business, calculating tax, income & expenditure