Setting-Up a Childminding Business

Limerick Childcare Committee provides an information and support service to childminders and those interested in setting up a Childminding Business.

If you are considering becoming a childminder in your own home, please contact Laura in Limerick Childcare Committee on 061 600918, email

Phone and Email Consultations provide general set-up information, i.e. an overview of the Registration/Notification Process, Insurance Requirements, Garda Vetting and information on Qualifications and Training Opportunities.

Face to Face Meetings – when meeting with those interested in setting-up a Childminding Business, we provide an Information Pack – ‘A Step by Step Guide to becoming a Professional Childminder’. This pack includes:

  • Childminding – First Steps’: This booklet contains information on skills, roles & responsibilities of a Childminder, legal aspects of Childminding, commonly asked questions.
  • National Guidelines for Childminders
  • Voluntary Notification Form
  • Childminding – Next Steps’: This book contains information on developing policies & procedures, appropriate record keeping, garda vetting, health & safety awareness, etc. Templates for Record Keeping and Policies & Procedures.
  • Financial Management – Registering your business, calculating tax, income & expenditure