Registration of Childminders

Under Section 92, Child and Family Agency Act 2013, TUSLA (the Child and Family Agency) is required to provide a system of registration of Early Years Services. This means that all new Early Years Services, including childminders, will have to register with TUSLA and undergo an inspection before commencing operation. Existing services and childminders will be deemed registered on an interim basis, but will be required to apply for registration and undergo an inspection in due course.

Under the Childcare Act 1991, a childminder caring for 4 or more children from different families (including the childminder’s own children not yet in primary school) is legally obliged to register their childminding service with TUSLA, Child & Family Agency (formerly HSE). TUSLA provides an inspection service for all registered childminders.

Childminders can provide for a maximum of 5 children under 6 years of age (including the childminder’s own children not yet in primary school).

Voluntary Notification for Childminders

Voluntary notification to Limerick Childcare Committee is available to childminders who are not obliged to register with TUSLA. Childminders who are not obliged to register their service to TUSLA are those who are minding:

  • Children who are under six years of age who are attending a national school or a school providing education similar to a national school.
  • Pre-school children who are all from the same family, or who are the children of the childminder’s relatives.
  • No more than 3 pre-school children who are from different families (other than the childminder’s own such children).

Voluntary Notification offers a number of benefits to the childminder including:

  • Access to information, networking and training
  • Access to financial support such as the Childminders Development Grant (CMDG)
  • Access to the €15,000 Tax Exemption

A person wishing to voluntarily notify to Limerick Childcare Committee should contact us to request a Voluntary Notification Form. The form contains a Childminder’s Self Evaluation which must be completed and returned to Limerick Childcare Committee. Limerick Childcare Committee will arrange to visit the childminder to review the Childminder’s Self Evaluation and to verify the information. A Development Officer is available to advise and support the childminder to meet all criteria. When all criteria is met, Limerick Childcare Committee will sign off on the Voluntary Notification Form.