Child Protection and Welfare General Information

Please refer to Child Protection and Welfare section of the Tusla Website for information on Child Protection and Welfare Policy and Practice, Guidelines for Developing a Child Protection Policy and information on Reporting Concerns. We have linked some of this information below.

As of June 2020 Tusla require anyone making a child protection and welfare report to use the secure Web portal on Tusla website (unless this is not possible). Early Learning and Care Services should already be familiar with this Portal as it is the same Portal that is used to complete Early Years Registrations.  Please refer to A Short Guide to Submitting Child Protection and Welfare Reports Online.

Children First Act 2015  – full commencement on 11th December 2017.  This includes mandated reporting and the need for a Safeguarding Statement.  Since 11th March 2018, Early Years services are required to have a  Safeguarding Statement.

Children First Act 2015 – Questions and Answers for Early Years Services 2017

Responding to and Reporting a Child Protection or Welfare Concern Draft Policy for Early Years Services Feb 2018

Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children (2017)

Addendum to Children First – National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children

Developing a Child Protection & Welfare Policy revised Aug 2016

Limerick Child Protection Social Work Services

Child Safeguarding

Under the Children First Act 2015, all organisations working with children are required to produce a Child Safeguarding Statement.

Developing a Child Safeguarding Statement – A Guide for Early Years Services in Ireland Feb 2018

Child Safeguarding Statement Template for Early Years Jan 2018   This document is a guide and, to ensure compliance with the Children First Act, 2015, it should be adapted to the needs, size and particulars of your service.

Child Safeguarding – A Guide for Policy, Procedure and Practice

Child Protection and Welfare Training for Early Years Services in Limerick

Since January 2014, a standardised child protection training course is available to workers in the Early Years sector. The first level of training available is Child Protection & Welfare: Basic/Foundation Level and it is delivered by the Childcare Committees and NCVOs. Within Limerick Childcare Committee, Marie Thérèse Marry and Catriona Sheehy deliver this training.

The one-day accredited training course sets the context for child protection and welfare including updated legislation and mandated reporting. It supports practitioners to recognise child abuse, responding to and reporting concerns and safeguarding children. Many of the participants in the programme reported increased knowledge, skills and confidence in responding to child protection and welfare concerns after attending the course.

Limerick Childcare Committee offers approximately 8 Child Protection and Welfare training courses each year. These courses are advertised through our Training Calendar and by direct email to Early Years services.

The eligibility criteria is set by Tusla and the National Early Years Children First Committee. The National Early Years Children First Committee has stipulated that all participants have completed the TULSA e-learning in advance of attending training. The training is only available to staff in Early Years services and to childminders.

Students, parents and members of the public do not qualify for training.

Introduction to Children First

Tusla has worked with the DCYA and HSE to developed a universal e-learning training programme called ‘Introduction  to Children First’. The programme has been written to support people of all backgrounds and experience in recognising concerns about children and reporting such concerns if they arise.