Parent and Toddler Groups

Parent and Toddler Group Initiative and Grant Scheme

The purpose of the Parent and Toddler Group Initiative, is to provide grants to Parent and Toddler Groups for the development of their services.

It is also designed to develop a support and information strategy, in collaboration with the City and County Childcare Committees, to assist the promotion and expansion of Parent and Toddler Groups. This initiative also works closely with other agencies and organisations that already provide valuable ongoing support to these groups, ensuring a collaborative approach.

Each year, the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA) makes funding available for Parent and Toddler Groups. This funding is administrated locally by Limerick Childcare Committee. The Parent and Toddler Group Grant can be used to purchase toys, educational materials and equipment or make some minor household adaptations to assist the childminder in developing a quality service.

Applications forms are available from Limerick Childcare Committee once per year and are posted to all Parent and Toddler Groups known to Limerick Childcare Committee.

You may download the Parent and Toddler Group Grant Application 2020.

Information and Resources

ABC Start Right in Limerick developed a very useful resource for those wishing to set up and run a Parent and Toddler Group, entitled Your Baby and Toddler Group Companion.

Early Childhood Ireland (ECI) has produced an online resource ‘Starting a Parent, Baby and Toddler Group’ which acts as a guidance to those interested in setting-up/organising a Parent and Toddler Group. ECI also provides insurance for Parent and Toddler Groups.

Kerry County childcare Committee has developed a support guide entitled ‘A County Childcare Committee Support Guide to Developing & Running a Parent & Toddler Group’ which was developed to help anyone wishing to set up a Parent and Toddler Group or those currently running one, to ensure a quality service is provided, that runs smoothly and conveniently for all the children and parents attending.

To order a copy of the above named book, contact Kerry County Childcare Committee on 066 7181582 or

Kerry County Childcare Committee has also developed a ‘Parent & Toddler Information Leaflet’ for parents. The leaflet answers questions like – What is a Parent & Toddler Group? Who can attend a Parent & Toddler Group? What happens at a Parent & Toddler Group meeting? The leaflet can be downloaded below.

‘Parent & Toddler Information Leaflet’