The Limerick Parenting Calendar, January to June 2019 has been collated through submissions from Parenting Limerick partners and other stakeholders. All programmes listed fulfil the function of supporting parents in their role as a parent.  It is available to download here.

The purpose of collating the Limerick Parenting Calendar is to have a schedule of parenting programmes, events and workshops all listed in one place to make life that little bit easier for both parents and professionals.

This is the first time Parenting Limerick have collated a county-wide Limerick Parenting Calendar.  Feedback on events, both included and excluded, will be taken into account when collating the calendar for Autumn/Winter 2019.  If you wish to submit a listing to the Limerick Parenting Calendar Autumn/Winter 2019, contact David Studer, Limerick CYPSC Coordinator –