On 6th December, Limerick Childcare Committee officially launched a research report into the real cost of childcare in Limerick, “Limerick Childcare Committee Financial Models 2016”.

The purpose of the research was to identify the operating costs of various childcare services and to examine the impact that changes to costs and income have on the sustainability of services.

The findings raise significant concerns and indicate that the current funding model, which is made up of parents’ fees and national childcare programmes, is not enough to ensure sustainability of the services. This is the case for both community-run and privately owned services, regardless of size. The vast majority of services are running on a break-even scenario – any increase in costs or reduction in income has a negative impact on sustainability.

The report also highlighted that most childcare workers are earning less than the estimated Living Wage, with little or no opportunity for pay increases to reflect qualifications and experience. Many are part-time which affects annual earnings and is not conducive to career development.

See full report – limerick-childcare-committee-financial-models-2016