Community Employment Childcare Programme (CEC)

CE Childcare (CEC) Programme is administered on behalf of the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection (DEASP). This programme provides part-time or afterschool care for children up to 13 years of age, where a parent is participating on a CE Scheme. Please note that parents can only avail of 19.5 hours of childcare per week. The DEASP have sole responsibility for deciding who is eligible to avail of the CEC Programme.

How is Childcare Reduced?

Under CEC, the DCYA pays a capitation to the Early Years (Childcare) Service. The Early Years (Childcare) Service may charge the parent a top-up. The DCYA has set limits for Top-Ups.

Capitation Paid by the DCYA to the Early Years Service (per week) Maximum Top-Up that the Early Years Service can charge the Parent (per week)
Part-Time €80 €15
After-School €45 €15

Payment for School Holidays

The capitation for After-School, will increase to €80 per week during school holidays (10 weeks in total). Parents can be charged a maximum of €15 per week.

How to apply

To apply for a place, the parent must obtain a letter from the Community Employment Sponsor and present this to an Early Years (Childcare) Service participating in CEC. A list of participating services is available from Limerick Childcare Committee.

To make an application the service will require the parent to provide:

  • A letter of eligibility from the Community Employment Sponsor. The Letter must include the following information:
    • Name of parent
    • The name of the CE sponsor organisation
    • The address of the CE sponsor organisation
    • The start and end date of the parent’s CE placement
  • Proof of PPSN for parent and for each child
  • The parent must complete a TEC Pre-Registration Form. This form is available from the Early Years Service.

Places will be approved for 50 weeks in a 12 month period for CE participants. A parent can re-apply for a CE childcare place after the 50 week period comes to an end, and a place will be approved subject to demand and availability.

Fee Payment Policy and Calendar of Open Days

The Early Years (Childcare) Service must provide the parent with a copy of the following:

A CEC AS Service Fees Information Letter (where a child is availing of subsidised after-school care) or a CEC PS Service Fees Information Letter (where a child is availing of subsidised pre-school care) which states the amount of top-up they have chosen to charge the parent.  It also includes details of Optional Extras which the service offers.

A CEC Calendar – this states the dates (inclusive) that the service will be open and the specific dates on which the service will be closed.

The DCYA has published Rules for DCYA Childcare Funding Programmes 2018-19 which covers all aspects of the scheme and while aimed primarily at Early Years Services, it also provides useful information for parents.